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emergency numbers in spainEmergency numbers in Spain

Inland  Malaga consists of many towns and villages. We have put together a short guide to provide you with some useful information and emergency numbers in Spain

Most  Inland towns enjoy a traditional  Spanish lifestyle with most businesses closing for siesta at 2 o’clock and reopening around 4.30-­‐5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Saturday all large Supermarkets are open all day, however, all other shops, banks, Post office will close around 1.30 to  2 o’clock. (for Saturday post office  hours always best to check with the local  office in each town or village as they tend  to be different).

Useful  Contact Numbers  All emergencies in  Spain – call 112 no area code is needed. You can also reach 112, even on a mobile without a Spanish Sim  Card. Ambulance and health emergencies  call 061 or 112

Fire  brigade (cuerpo de bomberos) Call  080 or 112

 Local  police (policia municipal) call 092     

The municipal police cover their local town or city areas for traffic offences and control,  lost property and crimes such as theft  and neighborhood disputes Civil  Guard (guardía civil)    062 This is a military force that operates mostly in rural areas and is responsible for drug offences,  fatal car accidents, robberies and murders.

National  Spanish police (policía Nacional) Call 091 or visit www.policia.es and contact department online. You can also find them on Twitter @policia        

Tourist helpline and emergency number 902 102 112 (in English, French, German and  Italian)

Citizen  Advice Bureau  – www.citizensadvice.org.es  -­‐ Emergencies 615 814 264       

Emergency Doctor – 1003 (if you need a doctor in a non-urgent situation, but cant contact your doctor, you can call 1003  to find a doctor or call your local police for a reference.

Local information – call 010

Lost  or Stolen card – Credit card cancellations in Spain

American  Express -­‐ 902 375 637 – 900 814 500

(foreigners) 0034 914  004 250

Master card – 900 971 231 (toll-free in Spain)

Visa –  900 991 124